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Introducing GuestBooker 2.0!

We are happy to announce version 2.0 of the GuestBooker Gadget. There are over 15,000 installations of the GuestBooker gadget and over 10,000 visitors see the gadget every day! And today we're happy to announce that it just got even better.

Premium Accounts

Now you can upgrade your GuestBooker gadget to a Premium Account to access new features and functionality. We've listened to your comments and suggestions, and we've added bells and whistles to the GuestBooker gadget to make it even better. Now we can send you an e-mail notification whenever someone posts something on your GuestBooker gadget, and you can send a thank you message to your visitors automatically. (more on this below)

Managing the Load

Due to the widespread use of the GuestBooker gadget, and the subsequent toll it has taken on our servers and bandwidth, we've made some changes to the GuestBooker gadget. The GuestBooker gadget will still be available for free, but free accounts will be limited to 15 responses.

For a small donation of only $2.00, you can upgrade your account to a Donor Account and your response limit is raised to 25 responses (and you don't see the popups on the admin screen).

If you need room for an unlimited number of responses, upgrade your account to a Premium Account for only $15.00 per year or $50.00 for a lifetime.

If your account already has a lot of responses, your visitors will still be able to view and click through them, they just won't be able to add anything new unless you delete some existing comments or upgrade to a Donor or Premium Account.

New Features!

Version 2.0 has a set of great new features available for your website or blog.

Premium accounts get even more:

So please take this opportunity to upgrade to a Premium Account!

Thank you for your continued use of the GuestBooker Gadget! We hope it continues to provide a valuable service to you and your web visitors!

Ben Marcus
Fourth Floor Equipment Corp

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